The Penthouse 3 Apologizes After Criticism For Sensitive Scenes


The harsh comments came for The Penthouse as the drama neared its season finale. The SBS channel is airing season 3 of this exciting K-drama, but The Penthouse production had to offer an apology for causing distress in the audience.

An episode was recently aired where the Hera Palace collapses after a provoked explosion, within the drama this was an event that made it to the news, but when creating the reports about the tragedy filming of real events was used, so that The Penthouse 3 received harsh criticism from the public in online communities.

The video clips correspond to real tragedies in South Korea, some of them are from the collapse of the Gwangju building but there are also others captured after the Pohang earthquake.

The production was pointed out for the inappropriate use of these images, as well as acting insensitively in the face of events that even caused human losses, but the production of this K-Drama has already responded to public opinion.


Recently, the production team of this Korean series shared a statement in response to the discomfort caused by the use of real images for some of its scenes, which began with an apology :

We would like to bow our heads in apology to all the victims of the Gwangju building collapse and the Pohang earthquake and their families, as well as all bystanders for this incident.

The staff further acknowledged that it was inappropriate to include these clips that have nothing to do with the story and promised to investigate why they were added within the episode, as well as to ensure that this does not happen again.

Have you seen The Penthouse yet? The first season of this drama began airing during October 2020 but its success was such that it will now end its third season.

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