The PC mouse, an invention of 1968


Maybe to get to these lines you have used it, and before that I have let you enter other web pages. We are talking about the mouse, the one on your computer, which you can connect by cable or bluetooth to any device and that today has a little more history with an ephemeris after the death of its co-inventor William English at 91 years of age.

A 1968 invention

Back in the late 60s computers started using the mouse. The porgrams were much more sophisticated and that of chopping code to make a document was out of fashion. Operating systems provided the possibility to better organize the machine’s files, which could be saved in folders or on the desktop itself. But to choose them, the keyboard was not used, but also a rudimentary and square device called a mouse.

Back then it was just that: a gadget with a button that allowed you to select files. That was in the days when William English lived, who already in the 1950s accompanied Douglas Engelbart in the development of this device that undoubtedly democratized computing. The device has remained in force to this day and its modifications have resulted in that for each user there is a different type.

If we stop for a moment to see the rack of the mice of any electronics store we have everything: small, large, with buttons on the sides, weights to control their lightness … there are even vertical ones to maintain a more ergonomic use of the device if fits. Modifications without cables have also allowed any user to have control of any machine, be it laptop or tablet, with greater precision, and even gamers know that a good mouse makes the difference in their sessions.

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Until always, English

Without a doubt, the users of a computer or any electronic device owe a lot to many anonymous heroes. Among them is William English, who died on July 26 in a hospital in San Rafael, California, at the advanced age of 91 years. Their ambition, added to that of Engelbart, which left us no less than seven years ago, marked a before and after in modern electronics and without a doubt everyone who uses a mouse thanks them for each click and movement they make. with your pointer.


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