The paparazzi incident with Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne!


You’re in an awkward position! In recent weeks, Cara Delevingne (30) has been followed by paparazzi. Because after she was seen at the airport in early September, attention is again focused on her. Worried about the model and her friends. Now he was with his good friend, actress Margot Robbie (32), on vacation. And the paparazzi ambushed Kara and Margot!

According to TMZ, at that time both ladies were traveling in Argentina. They say that after dinner in Buenos Aires, they ordered a taxi. Kara, apparently, was already in the car — the actress from “Suicide Squad” wanted to follow her, but then they were harassed by paparazzi. They say that the taxi driver left without Margot. Since she was probably only half in the car, she jumped out to avoid getting hurt, but landed on the ground.

It is said that the photographer continued to photograph the Australian. However, her friends intervened. As a result, several sources report different things. The source said that the paparazzi tried to escape, but fell and injured himself. Another eyewitness claimed that Margot’s friends beat him up. What really happened has not yet been clarified.


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