The pandemic should provide more films for Disney Plus


The new coronavirus pandemic has closed cinemas around the world. 2020 is practically a lost year for this industry, since even in countries in which the reopening of rooms has already been authorized, it is difficult to run a feature on the circuit with safe box office return. And well, no studio wants to suffer a loss.

That is why Disney launched Mulan’s live-action directly on Disney Plus, as an a la carte film, that is, priced outside the service subscription. The company bet that the rental of the unprecedented feature would compensate for the losses caused by the closed cinemas.

According to the Deadline portal, the giant behind Mickey Mouse would be willing to repeat the strategy: given the concern about a second wave of Covid-19 that is already causing new lockdowns around the world, Disney will be able to place its next three live-actions on streaming platform.

The films in question would be Peter Pan & Wendy, Cruella and Pinocchio. All were planned for theaters, but should, at some point in 2021, have Disney Plus as a launch window, as a la carte films once again. If the global situation allows, they will be able to take some cinemas simultaneously, thus giving the consumer options.

For better or for worse, the strategy ends up driving the spread of Disney Plus. The availability of feature films on the platform would end up helping to reinforce the service’s catalog of original works.

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