The paint of the iPhone 12s is peeling, breaking!


The iPhone 12, which has not yet been sold in our country, but attracted great attention abroad, is faced with paint peeling and breakage claims. Paint peeling is seen on the edges of the iPhone 12 in the photos that were taken at the Apple Store.

In the images, which are stated to be taken at an Apple Store in China, it is stated that the paint peels as a result of too many people touching the device. There is no official statement from Apple yet, but Apple could face a major problem if the paint peels off after too much use as stated.

iPhone 12 paint peeling and breaking claim

While the image came from China and was seriously criticized by technology sites across the country, some doubts were raised, while the technology editor named Max Weinbach stated that he faced another problem.

He states that the rear camera of the iPhone 12 Pro is broken by itself without any impact. While an explanation is expected from Apple after both images, whether similar examples will emerge in the coming days will reveal the extent of the problem.


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