The owner of the PlayStation 5 has transformed the console in the style of PS2


While Sony’s sleek white PlayStation 5 design is enough for many users, there are also those who want to customize their console. Since Sony doesn’t have a PS5 of different colors available for official sale, many fans have been using stickers since the PS5 was released in 2020 to customize their hardware. Controllers and consoles can be given a number of new looks with the help of stickers, and some fans create interesting and unique designs for their game consoles.

Previously, one Mortal Kombat 11 fan created his own skin concept for the PS5 console and controller based on the game. Having refused to create a console based on the game, another PlayStation 5 owner tried to give his car a unique look, this time with a more nostalgic theme. User HistoricalAd5106 on Reddit showed off his customized PlayStation 5, which has a sleek, all-black design, complete with a logo on the side that is inspired by the PS2.

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Given that there is no logo on the PlayStation 5 sidebar, this could be a nice addition for any fan who wants to relive their more nostalgic moments in games. To create their own PS5, HistoricalAd5106 first removed the faceplates from the console, which are designed to be removed, and then replaced them with slightly transparent tinted plates so that the appearance better mimics the appearance of the PS2. The PS5 owner then removed the center part of the console and replaced it with carbon fiber. Fans and gamers in the comments to the HistoricalAd5106 post praised the user for their individual creation, and many wanted to have their own PS5 with a nostalgic PlayStation 2 look.

My custom PS5 with the ps2 logo from playstation

Earlier, another fan made a PS2 design for his PlayStation 5. However, this version of the custom console did not have the PS2 logo on the side and had a matte black finish of the device instead of the glossy appearance of the PS5 from HistoricalAd5106. Since the PlayStation 5 has been available for some time and the plates are easily removable, many individual consoles have been released, even though Sony does not offer any official unique PS5.

Moving away from Sony consoles, Xbox has seen its fair share of both officially created custom consoles and those created by fans. In May 2022, to celebrate the release of the Wild update for Minecraft, Microsoft gave away a custom Xbox Series S with a design based on the game. Fans have also created many custom Xbox consoles with themes based on anything from Doctor Who to Mass Effect.