The owner of the NFL today appealed to his team to “no drama”


The NFL offseason has been pretty tumultuous so far, and we still have a whole summer before the NFL kickoff game in September. But one NFL owner is hoping to avoid drama until then.

According to Jeff Zrebts of The Athletic, Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bishotti told his team about the team culture at the end of practice today. It is reported that part of his message was “no drama.”

Bishotti is no stranger to the dramas playing out in his team. It’s been almost eight years since his franchise was rocked by Ray Rice’s infamous elevator video, which preceded an avalanche of controversy within his organization.

This year, the Ravens’ rivals, the Cleveland Browns, brought drama to their organization by trading Deshaun Watson. Meanwhile, the Ravens’ closest neighbors in the NFL, the Washington Commanders, are solving a lot of internal problems.

Still, the Baltimore Ravens had a bit of drama to kick off the 2022 offseason. A contract dispute continues between the team and star quarterback Lamar Jackson over his extension.

Fortunately for the Ravens, it’s not bad enough to prevent Jackson from joining the team for a mandatory mini-camp.

Steve Bishotti obviously wants to make sure that other team members don’t distract attention before the training camp.

Let’s see if they will fulfill this request when it comes to summer.