The Overwatch video explains how D.Va Can Technically “Treat” Other Players


Taking on the role of a healer in any game can be a daunting task. Healers often go unnoticed as they support their team either in PvE adventures or in dynamic PvP matches. In particular, Overwatch is difficult for some to play from the list of support heroes. Earlier this year, fans found the support role in Overwatch 2 so uninteresting that Blizzard made a statement that they were working on some changes for some characters similar to other evolutions that other heroes received in the Overwatch sequel.

However, one fan found that there is no need to choose a support hero to treat his team. In particular, they found that D.Va, one of Overwatch’s most popular characters, can technically heal his teammates. Usually D.Va is known primarily as a tank in Overwatch and its sequel, capable of withstanding heavy damage due to its large health reserve and the “Protection Matrix” ability, which allows it to destroy incoming projectiles. In addition to saving your team by blocking flying projectiles, D.Va can also treat other players with a Protective Matrix.

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The way this happens is a bit strange, but it is well explained by the YouTuber Marblr, who talks in detail about the mechanics of projectiles in Overwatch. In-game projectiles are proprietary, so when something like a Farrah missile hits an enemy in Overwatch, the damage from that missile is transferred to the Farrah player. When a projectile is deflected by something like Genji’s ability, ownership of that projectile is then transferred, so that the player Genji controls a rocket, a healing sphere, or any other projectile.

For the Protection Matrix D.Va instead of removing the projectile when it enters the hitbox of her ability, instead ownership of it is transferred to D.Va before it is destroyed. Thus, if D.Va is going to take control of one of Moira’s healing spheres, for example, she can heal another player in the fraction of a second that the projectile is under her control. However, for those hoping to avoid choosing a support healer in Overwatch by taking D.Va, her instant healing only applies to enemies, since destroyed healing spheres will give opponents a small amount of health.

There are other oddities that Overwatch players have discovered with abilities D.Va over the years since the first launch of the game. Some of these interactions are errors, for example, one case where D.Va teleported after using her ultimate in Overwatch. Another video shows how an unfortunate Zenyatta player was killed by a D bomb.Va, even after hiding behind a shelter.

Overwatch 2 is scheduled for release on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.