The Overwatch Support player receives a helpful message from the tank after the match

In Overwatch matches, support characters are some of the most important characters on the team, if not the most important. Unfortunately, this is mostly thankless work, which often does not receive proper recognition. One Overwatch tankman took the time to thank his support player after dragging him into a group chat in a game with helpful messages.
Overwatch is a team—based multiplayer shooter with legendary characters and unique backstories. Tank players take most of the damage and protect allies, while support characters support the team with healing and reinforcement, as well as provide utilities to help the team increase their survival, damage and speed. Overwatch 2 is the newest installment of the franchise, which is currently in beta testing.
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Reddit user KatherineBrain posted a screenshot of his interaction with his team’s tank in the Overwatch subreddit. The image shows the interaction between them and the tank, where the tank shares a helpful set of messages thanking them for their work as a support character in the team. The tank attributes the destruction and damage achieved by the tank during the match to them and Anya of the team. It is not shown who played which Overwatch hero, but Tank ends up wishing the support good luck in their games.
Our tank pulled me into the group just to say that. That’s why I’m playing support. from Overwatch
Judging by the comments, as well as by the screenshot of the chat itself, there was a combination of two healers supporting the team, especially this tanker. In Overwatch, two supports, especially those with complementary abilities that will both heal and maintain damage and similar characteristics, can make the match a little more balanced depending on how well the players used them. The role queue in Overwatch 2 requires each team to have 1 tank, 2 DPS heroes, and 2 support heroes, but other game modes allow players to have more or less support. It is clear that these Overwatch support players have done a great job keeping their team, especially this tank, alive, inflicting about 20 thousand damage and 47 destructions.
Watching such interaction in a game like Overwatch, where some players can be quite competitive, is very useful, especially since playing support is often a thankless job. Recent changes in Moira may affect the performance of the support service, but support specialists can always monitor this interaction and know that their work is always appreciated, even if it is not often recognized.
Playing as a team is an important part of Overwatch, and when players acknowledge the work and support of their teammates during a match, it can motivate them and the whole team. With new and interesting things to come in Overwatch 2, fans will be able to test themselves both as a team and individually to enjoy the game together.
Overwatch 2 is scheduled for release on October 4 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.