The Overwatch player demonstrates incredible destruction in the role of Reinhardt on the map of the Temple of Anubis


Since Overwatch has been around for over six years, many gamers have had time to really master their characters. One of the tanks that, when used properly, can be particularly deadly is the Reinhardt. One Overwatch player recently shared a clip of a perfectly used Earthshatter.

Usually Reinhardt’s first-class plays come in two types: Earthshatters and Pins. Despite the fact that the “Fire Strike” is a good way to create an ulta charge, and Reinhardt’s hammer strikes cause a decent amount of damage, it is these two abilities that change the rules of the game. When Reinhard attacks an opponent, the indicated pin is usually fatal, and the best Reins also know how far to push someone to discard them from certain cards. The combination of the pin with Earthshatter — Reinhardt’s ultimate, which knocks down all the players in front of him — is especially deadly.

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This is exactly what Reddit user ArkhamGeyser did in his clip, as they perfectly combined these two deadly abilities while playing Temple of Anubis. Defending the first point, Reinhardt sees the enemy team lined up in a narrow passage in front of a large room with a first aid kit. After a few swings with their hammers, they quickly use the Dredger, and the enemy Rain does not expect a maneuver and cannot block it. From there, ArkhamGeyser continues to destroy the enemy team.

The first 6k with the Rhine. Was promoted. THANKS TO Anya! from Overwatch

The enemy Ash died due to damage inflicted by the Destroyer itself, while the Arkham Geyser landed a game-changing pin on the enemy Rain. When the other team lost their main shield Tank, Rain was able to finish off the rest of the opponents. Both healers, Baptiste and Zenyatta, are killed by the same blow. From there, a Reddit user delivers a stunning fiery blow to the fleeing D.Va and Tracer, finishing off two characters before they can regroup, and showing off their skills with Reinhardt’s set.

Unsurprisingly, this post has performed well on Reddit, gaining over 1,500 votes. Many praised the gamer’s enthusiastic reaction to the game, while others noted that two members of the opposing team left after this impressive performance. However, ArkhamGeyser was humble as they thanked their Ana for letting them play with her Nanoboost. The classic combination, when Reinhardt and Ana combine their ultimate abilities together, often leads to a team kill, although the way Reinhardt commits each kill himself creates an exciting clip. If Ana had not provided timely reinforcement, they would never have committed all six murders, since the Fire Strike that hit D.Va and Tracer, would be too weak.

Since the free Overwatch 2 model will certainly significantly expand the player base, such clips should become more common. For new players who want to get better at Reinhardt, studying such videos would be a wise step.

Overwatch is already available on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.


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