The Overseer tells why the Moon Knight is the only hero he fears

Warning! Spoilers for Moon Knight # 13 from Marvel Comics
Thanks to his incredible abilities, Taskmaster can fight most heroes in hand-to-hand combat, but even he admits that he is afraid of the Moon Knight. In Marvel Comics’ Moon Knight #13, a group of vampires who want to defeat Mark Spector try to hire Tony Masters to kill him. However, despite a lucrative offer to kill the Moon Knight, Taskmaster refuses the deal, openly admitting that his fear of fighting him makes him stay away from the hero.
Taskmaster is one of Marvel’s best fighters, as he can copy the fighting styles of any opponent just by watching him, thanks to his ability to instantly assimilate knowledge. However, the villain is not ready to fight every hero, namely the Moon Knight. Thanks to the collision in which the Moon Knight turned Taskmaster’s life into a living hell, beating and bleeding him, as well as shooting him down with a helicopter, Tony Masters actively avoided the hero. Understandably afraid of the Moon Knight, Taskmaster does not skimp on words when a group of vampires wants to use his services.
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In “Moon Knight” #13 by Jed McKay, Federico Sabbatini, Rachelle Rosenberg and Corey Petit from the VC from Marvel Comics, Taskmaster meets with the leader of vampires in the Structure who want to hire a mercenary to kill Moon Knight. However, after warning the vampires about how dangerous the hero really is, they make an offer to the wannabe villain, which is described as a large sum of money. Taskmaster asks if they listened to him at all, as he admits that he is afraid to fight the Moon Knight.
Taskmaster makes it very clear that this job is not for him, as he openly says that he is ready to pursue other heroes such as Daredevil, Captain America and Spider-Man. But considering that Moon Knight did everything possible to hurt him, including crashing a “damn helicopter into a building” to get to Taskmaster, he had no problem admitting that he was afraid to fight him again. Moon Knight’s dark reputation makes even Marvel’s greatest villains afraid to fight him.
It’s rare to see a Taskmaster admit he’s scared, as he’s fought (and defeated) some of the greatest heroes in the Marvel universe. But for him, the Moon Knight is on another level, and their last meeting was so dangerous and almost fatal for him that the villain was sure that he did not want to meet him face to face again. The structure eventually hires two D—list villains, Nemean and Grand Mel, to try to kill the Moon Knight, but the vampires had to accept Taskmaster’s warning, as killing him is an almost impossible task.