The Outspoken Reason Why Virgin River and Martin Henderson Were Really Glad that the Season 4 Finale Ended Right and Where It Happened


Warning: spoilers of the 4th season of Virgin River are ahead. Turn away until you catch up!

All Netflix subscribers who like the dramatic romance of a small town got a real pleasure when “Virgin River” returned in season 4 at the end of July. As usual, the series did a great job of shaking up the lives of everyone who lives in a town in Northern California, and the ending of the 4th season of Virgin River caused fans a number of shocks. These surprises included an important moment at the end of the season with the increasingly problematic Charmaine, which Jack and Mel were looking at. Now star Martin Henderson has given a very candid reason why he was glad that Season 4 ended “right” where it ended.

Why does Martin Henderson think that the 4th season of the series “Virgin River” ended in the right place?

I doubt that anyone who watched recent episodes of Virgin River until the very last minute will forget how the Season 4 finale ended before they finally see Virgin River season 5. In the last couple of minutes, Charmain has revealed that she was lying. that Jack is the father of her twins, and left viewers with a quick glance at Jack’s extremely stunned face before the end credits. During a conversation with Pay or Wait, Martin Henderson said that this was the right stopping point, and noted:

I was just really glad that the scene ended right here and you didn’t actually hear Jack’s answer because it would have just been, “Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.” You couldn’t broadcast anything that could have come out of that person’s mouth at that moment.

He makes a very good point, doesn’t he? These are fictional people in a fictional situation, but I believe that after Charmain’s confession, I was so angry that I opened my mouth and shouted something obscene into my TV. As you can see in the photo at the top of this article, which is a screenshot of Jack’s face immediately after its disclosure, he is simultaneously trying to absorb this new information, and is also probably preparing not to curse Charmain. to such an extent that the already hyperventilating woman simply lost consciousness.

I would hardly restrain myself in such a situation, but we all know that Jack has a strong streak of doing the right thing, so although I would REALLY LIKE to see him completely unload on Charmaine at the beginning of the 5th season of “Virgin River”. it is more likely that he will just say a few strong words to her while holding back most of his anger. As Henderson pointed out, we can easily imagine how the season 4 finale ended, before the next season (which is going to pick him up the next day), Jack calms himself just enough not to verbally destroy the still very pregnant Charmain.

As his co-star Alexandra Breckenridge said earlier, despite the fact that this news is fantastic for Mel, we can see Jack going through very difficult times as he adjusts to Charmaine’s betrayal, especially considering how much shit she has inflicted on him over five years. months since she announced that he was going to become a father. Overall, though, it makes me just as worried about Jack in Virgin River season 5 as Martin Henderson, so I can’t wait for him to show up here!


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