The Outer Worlds:60 fps enable on PS5 and Xbox Series X


Without much fanfare, Obsidian Entertainment released an update to The Outer Worlds for PS5 and Xbox Series X this week that surprised many of its fans. According to the reports of these players, the 1.0.7 patch enabled the game to run at 60 fps on the consoles of this generation.

Until then, the game only ran at 30 fps on all console versions, even though the new devices from Sony and Microsoft were capable of much more. It is clear that since the arrival of the new generation, this type of update has become quite common with games originally released on PS4 and Xbox One, but it is always great to see another quality title receiving this treatment.

It is worth mentioning that this same update also added support for the Murder on Eridanos DLC, which is due to be officially launched this week, on March 17th. Apart from that, the patch solved other situations and added interesting options. This includes the following:

A setting has been added to adjust the text size in the game interface
Font colors have been updated to improve visibility
Bodies of NPCs have been updated so that you can interact with them even when there are no items to be stolen
Support for ultra-wide monitors has been added
The option to activate automatic running has been added so that the player does not have to hold the button all the time
Added the possibility to see flags of inactive missions when looking at the map
An option has been added to show the weapon’s HUD only when aiming

Enough, don’t you think? Comment below what you thought of the changes in quality of life and if you felt like playing The Outer Worlds again!


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