The Outer Worlds updated on Switch to improve


This version was adapted to the Kyoto machine by Virtuos, but suffered a release full of problems. DOOM, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus or The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are some of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One titles that were successfully adapted to Nintendo Switch.

The Outer Worlds, a title developed by Obsidian Entertainment, had a more complicated debut on the Kyoto platform. The difference between this version and those of the other platforms was quite noticeable, so the complaints were not long in coming. Be that as it may, Virtuos – the port keepers – and publisher Private Division announced a patch for the future. That future is about to arrive, since they have already announced that the update will improve the graphics and will be available on October 21.

They have revealed it on the official Twitter account of The Outer Worlds: “The board of directors is excited to announce that employees can expect a patch for their device on October 21,” they say, as always, using similar language. to the characters of the video game. “We are recruiting new hires to join us in the Halcyon colony, so get ready to take advantage of a sale on Switch on October 22.”

According to reports, the corresponding patch notes will be provided soon, but they have already advanced several images to compare the current graphic appearance with what the title will look like when the patch is officially released.

Futuristic dystopia

The Outer Worlds is an RPG set in a dystopian future where corporations rule everything. Capitalism has taken over the daily lives of citizens, to the point that the sick are singled out as guilty of their own destiny. The production mixes role-playing and shooter mechanics in a product that is somewhat reminiscent of Fallout, while maintaining its own identity.

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Obsidian Entertainment is part of Xbox Game Studios after the purchase by Microsoft months ago, although this project predates the signing of the agreement. Thus, it is Private Division, a subsidiary of Take Two Interactive, which has financed the development and published the video game. Regardless, The Outer Worlds is available on Xbox Game Pass. It was originally released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, where gamers have already enjoyed its first expansion.


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