The Outer Worlds Sets Release Date on Steam


The Outer Worlds, Obisidian’s latest work, will hit Steam on October 23. It is unknown if its first expansion will accompany it.

The Outer Worlds will debut on Steam on October 23. After a year of exclusivity with the Epic Games Store on PC (not counting the version for Microsoft Store), the Valve platform will receive the latest work from Obsidian Entertainment.

“The board is delighted to announce the opening of jobs for employees through Steam on October 23! Your shift starts in 2 weeks, so make preparations today, ”says the game’s official Twitter account.

It is unknown if the sale of its first expansion, Danger in Gorgona, will be enabled on the same day. The adventure complementary to the main one in this house received a rating of 7.5 out of 10. In the analysis we said that “it fits into the bulk of The Outer Worlds both narratively and playable, lengthening your experience without renewing it in a transcendental way.” In other words, it “works better” as part of a new game from the beginning than entering it on purpose. “Gorgona gives more packaging to a development that was short-lived”, we concluded.

Disembarkation in parts

Little by little The Outer Worlds has been reaching all the traditional platforms on the market. The last to receive it was Nintendo Switch, although with a version that did not quite convince locals and strangers. José María Villalobos indicated in the MeriStation analysis that the port “prevents it from suspending in several sections” after having received its update on day 1. “It does not do justice to the game nor does it measure up to what we have already seen on Switch, it compromises the fluidity of the images per second to the point that stops can occur ”, he said.

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The Outer Worlds is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam, the latter starting October 23. It also participates in the Xbox Game Pass catalog in its two versions.


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