The Oscar-winning director’s drama of the new period Florence Pugh is now streaming on Netflix


Historical dramas carry their own charm! The setting, the narrative, the frame, the costumes, the dialects and everything in between; watching such visually appealing movies and TV shows will never be the wrong decision. And it seems that the streaming giant Netflix understands this well. From the gangster British series “Peaky Blinders”, the bawdy Regency drama, “Bridgerton” to the detective fiction of Enola Holmes, and now “Miracle”, another simple historical drama starring Florence Pugh. The OTT platform has it all and seems to be gaining momentum by adding more and more of these visual delights.

Speaking of Florence Pugh’s brand new endeavor, it debuted on the Netflix platform on November 16, taking its audience to the outskirts of 19th century Ireland. A slow—burning work of art, strongly attractive, obsessive and fascinating; “Miracle” is an exquisitely staged picture that, it would seem, should be fascinating. However, if you’re still unsure about Sebastian Lelio’s live broadcast, from synopsis to trailer and cast – here’s everything you need to know:

What is Florence Pugh’s historical drama “Miracle” about in the title role?

If defined in one phrase, historical drama is stories. We are talking about the ability of narratives to transform, destroy, resurrect, imprison and liberate. In addition, the film directed by Sebastian Lelio is based on the novel by Emma Donohue from Room, in which science confronts religious beliefs in a contest of grieving mothers. Notably, it follows Elizabeth “Lib” Wright of Pew, a 19th-century nurse in a remote Irish village who watches over a girl who people claim has been starving since early childhood.

Digging deeper into the truth, Lib learns about a serious illness that only Ann can cure on her own. Now it was possible to find out if the nurse could save the girl by watching the historical drama only on Netflix. Moreover, if it weren’t for the synopsis, watching glimpses of the actress’ irresistible performance in the trailer above would undoubtedly immediately draw your attention to the streaming platform.

Miracle: Cast
In the film, in particular, Florence Pugh plays nurse Elizabeth Wright. Pugh not only pays full tribute to the character, but her acting also gives a lot of appreciation to the historical drama. In addition, Kyla Lord Cassidy plays Anna O’Donnell, and Tom Burke plays the role of a journalist.

If you’re still not sure, writer Emma Donohue is joining the Oscar-winning director to write the screenplay. So stream the movie immediately and let us know in the comments section if you found it intriguing enough.


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