The original fourth member of “Ghostbusters” became the main villain


In one of the early Ghostbusters miniseries, fans found out that even before Winston Zeddemore joined the team, they had a fourth member who tragically later became a powerful enemy. In the series, which takes place six months after the events of the original “Ghostbusters”, the daily routine of famous paranormal fighters is interrupted by news about Michael Draverhaven. It turned out that Michael worked with the band in the early years of their existence and probably would have become one of the Ghostbusters if he had not plunged into darkness.

Ghostbusters: Legion sees that the Ghostbusters are still in business, but since they defeated Gozer Gozer, everything has changed. While others are distracted by their work or personal life, Ray disconnects and becomes depressed after learning that Mike has escaped from his psychiatric hospital. Egon and Peter explain that Michael Draverhaven was someone they knew and worked with in graduate school until he was declared insane. Unbeknownst to the ghostbusters, Michael traveled to New York, where he demonstrates a strong connection with spirits.

In “Ghostbusters: Legion No. 3” by writer Andrew Dubb and artist Steve Kurt, Ray embarks on a journey through the recesses of memory and recalls how Michael worked with him, Peter and Egon on a personal project related to the supernatural. They have assembled a device that, when it works, will tear a hole in the fabric of reality, especially in the barrier separating the physical world from the spirit world. This short-term mission to collect enough data to prove the existence of ghosts without destroying the universe seemed to go well, as the experiment mixed science with magic, the latter provided by Draverhaven spells. But an unforeseen mistake occurred, due to which the device exploded, and although Egon, Peter and Ray survived unharmed, Mike suddenly went crazy, attacked Ray and almost killed the future heart of the Ghostbusters with a piece of jagged debris.

After spending years in a psychiatric hospital, Mike told Ray at their reunion that the experiment allowed him to communicate with ghosts, and he spent years trying to understand them and eventually learn from them during his incarceration. Having made a breakthrough, the spirit world turned to Mike with an offer to help take over the world and at the same time take revenge on his old school buddies.

While the “Ghostbusters” films clearly show that the team is taking a big risk with their equipment and experiments, “Ghostbusters: Legion” really show the price of their mistakes. Draverhaven fell victim to the early experiments that allowed Ghostbusters to exist, and paid a high price so that others could learn the truth about ghosts. It’s an important reminder that while the Ghostbusters franchise offers comedy to fans, horror is also an important part of the equation, and that interfering with the afterlife has serious consequences.

Although Draverhaven’s carefully coordinated plans and attack fail thanks to Ghostbusters’ technology and quick thinking, it’s shocking to think that if things had gone differently, Michael could have played the role that Winston Zeddemore is known for. However, while Mike’s special skill set could benefit a future Ghostbusters enterprise, they are nothing compared to the solid foundation and heart of Winston Zeddemore that make him indispensable to Ghostbusters.