The original Final Fantasy VII gets HD with the mod on PC


The release of the award-winning Final Fantasy VII Remake last year did not make fans forget the original version of the game, which is still receiving improvements from the community. Recently, the game released in 1997 was modified to run in HD on the computer.

Created by a developer called Satsuki Yatoshi, the modification uses artificial intelligence and Deep Learning technologies to enhance the graphics of the original Final Fantasy VII. The improvements brought by the mod can be seen in the comparison video available below:


According to the person responsible for the project, the modification improves no less than 689 backgrounds and 13,996 animations of the game. The mod also includes 7,000 optimized layers, as well as enhancements to all scenes and mini-games from the original Final Fantasy VII.

Despite bringing great developments to the game’s graphics, the project does not aim to change the gameplay of Final Fantasy VII. According to Satsuki Yatoshi, the modification maintains the essence of the original game and only improves the visual aspect of Square Enix’s work.

The mod that enhances the look of Final Fantasy VII on PC can be downloaded for free from this site. The content can be used in the Steam version of the game, which currently costs $ 19.99.