The original ending of Freddy’s Dead Almost Introduced a replacement for Kruger


At Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare was the final scene in which a new character could potentially assume the mantle of Kruger. The slasher genre really became popular after the success of the original “Halloween” and the early “Friday the 13th”. Like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees, masked slasher killers tended to be mute or devoid of personality, which is what made Freddy Krueger so unique when “A Nightmare on Elm Street” appeared. This psychological horror of 1984 followed teenagers who were haunted in their dreams by a dead serial killer named “Fred” Krueger (Robert Englund), who, unlike his rivals, liked to verbally mock the victims before the fatal blow.

The film was an unexpected success, and the popularity of the films “A Nightmare on Elm Street” seemed to only grow with each sequel. Moreover, Freddie was for some time a full-fledged cultural phenomenon in the 80s, when, in addition to films, he had his own TV show, albums, video games and much more. Freddie’s bubble burst a bit with 1989’s “Dream Child,” a hasty, lackluster and tonally confusing film that earned roughly half of the previous film. It was then that the production company New Line decided that it was time to abandon the dream slasher.

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Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare was announced as the last installment, and some posters even featured Kruger’s tombstone. The film shows that before his death, Freddie was visited by three “Demons of Dreams”, which gave him the opportunity to pursue teenagers in his sleep. In the sequel finale, Freddie is finally killed by his daughter Katherine (Lisa Zane), and the film ends with a credits scene showing excerpts from all the previous films. However, according to the book Screams and Nightmares: The Films of Wes Craven (via A Nightmare on Elm Street, Companion), in the original ending, the Demon Demons had to choose a new killer to continue Freddie’s work.

The original script for the filming of “The Last Nightmare” continues after Catherine’s statement that “Freddie is dead!” to a small unnamed town resembling Springwood. The scene shifts to a house where a violent mother beats a teenager and locks him in the toilet. Then he brought his face closer, as if Freddie, who took many forms in the series, hears the whispering of summoning demons in front of him, suggesting that the cycle will begin anew with another killer.

This scene was eventually excluded from the sequel so that both critics and viewers would know that this is indeed the last film. Of course, the meaning of this Freddy’s Dead scene: The Final Nightmare lies in the fact that another sequel was created with a new killer, which, it seems, was not the intention of the creators of the film. Even if that were the case, there is little chance that the franchise could have continued without Freddy Krueger, and the film would have been better off without this code.