The original Dragon Ball Anime Is Re-Released In Spain For The First Time Without Censorship


Dragon Ball: The mythical anime series returns to our country through Comedy Central with the first stage with Goku as a child without censorship and with unpublished scenes. Dragon Ball fans in Spain are in luck. So much so, that the Comedy Central channel has already re-released the original anime series with Goku as a child without any censorship and with unpublished scenes. This has been shared from said platform, sharing a nice video clip detailing the news of a version never seen before. And it is that at the time, Dragon Ball, like many other series and movies, came to our country censored, omitting blood, images of an erotic tone, words like “kill” or some firearms.

Dragon Ball uncensored from March 14

Thus, and from March 14, 2022, Comedy Central has begun to broadcast the original Dragon Ball anime, or what is the same, the first stage of the story with Goku being a kid, without any censorship. This implies that it is already possible to enjoy the original Dragon Ball experience as conceived in Japan, without any unmodified dialogue and with all the explicit violence and eroticism of the series and that can also be seen forever in Akira Toriyama’s manga. .

All in all, it is now possible to enjoy Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball work in full through Comedy Central, Monday through Friday at 6:50 p.m. And it is that the Dragon Ball franchise is still more alive than ever with all its new material that has been appearing for a few years, especially with Dragon Ball Super, both in manga and anime format, with new plot arcs focused on the escalation of power of Goku and Vegeta.

In addition, the new film in the saga with Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is about to be released in Japan, with a western release yet to be announced. A film made entirely in computer animation for the first time that promises to show the most visually lavish battles in the history of Dragon Ball.