The original cast of “Scream” reveals more details


At the Scream virtual reunion, stars like Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Rose McGowan, and Jamie Kennedy revealed what to expect from the upcoming movie.

Scream original stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Jamie Kennedy, Matthew Lillard, Rose McGowan and Skeet Ulrich joined screenwriter Kevin Williamson for a virtual reunion.

The reunion aired on LoopedLive and benefited the National Coalition Against Breast Cancer, “I Have A Dream Foundation” of Los Angeles and the East Los Angeles Women’s Center.

The gang, who appeared together in the first film in 1996, recalled their time making the slasher, which was directed by the late horror icon Wes Craven.

Cast Reveal Which Characters Should Die On “Scream”

When asked by moderator and variety writer Jenelle Riley which character they would have chosen to survive Ghostface’s knife, the cast expressed that each death in the film only increased the stakes.

Even Jamie, whose movie-obsessed fan-favorite character Randy (who set the rules for a horror movie in the first movie) tragically met his fate in Scream 2, agreed.

The actor compared the impact of Randy’s death to that of Drew Barrymore’s character, Casey. Although the star’s face was pasted on the movie posters, she unexpectedly died within minutes of the movie.

“Scream wouldn’t have the same impact if [Randy] didn’t die. When Drew came out, he was brilliant, that’s what makes him so good.”

Another person who said he was perfectly fine dying on screen was Rose, whose character Tatum was killed by a garage door after having an encounter with the movie’s masked villain.

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As for their favorite moment during filming, Kevin and David said they were meeting Wes for the first time. Wes’ passion for vision was the reason why it was so important that the directors of the upcoming Scream 5 earn the seal of approval from the original writer and cast.

Scream 5 is already in the works

Following Wes Craven’s death in 2015, Ready or Not filmmakers Matthew Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett have taken over the $ 600 million franchise.

“I’m completely thrilled and in awe of the directors,” Kevin shared, adding, “They are going to make Wes proud.”

Neve added that the new directors wrote her a letter explaining their passion for the project, which is why she decided to sign up for the next film.

In addition to Matthew and Tyler, David said he was excited to be working with The Boys star Jack Quaid.

Staying spoiler-free, David said of the upcoming movie: “I can tell you Jack Quaid is in it and I knew him as a kid and now he’s an amazing actor.


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