The ORIGINAL boy soldier The Boys foreshadowed the death of his replacement


Warning! Spoilers for the comic and TV series The Boys below!

The original Boy Soldier’s own death in the Boys universe foreshadowed the future demise of the future replacement version of Soup, as both heroes died the same way despite decades between their dark endings. In the Boys comic book series, the original Boy Soldier led a Squad of Avengers to their collective death by misjudging the risk they faced. Meanwhile, the future Soldier Boy did the same with Payback Against The Boys.

In “Boys,” the Boy Soldier is actually a legacy hero, as the original Supe fought in World War II against the Germans, leading a Squad of Avengers during the war. However, his eventual replacement turned out to be one of the biggest jokes in the series, as the future version of the Boy Soldier was best known for pissing his pants, manipulating the Homelander, and leading the Payback team to their deaths. In the TV series “Boys,” the Boy Soldier, played by Jensen Ackles, was created to become one of the most powerful superheroes, even at the Homelander level, but in the comics, the powers of both versions are more in line with the character they parody, Captain America. .

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Despite the fact that the two boy soldiers were completely different in terms of personality and respect among their fellow heroes, both died the same way. In The Boys #53 by Garth Ennis, John McCree, Darik Robertson, Keith Burns, Simon Bowland and Tony Avina, Huey learns about The Avengers Squad in a conversation with Greg Mallory. In flashbacks, the leaders meet the first team created by Compound V, led by the original Soldier Boy. However, after accidentally alerting the Germans to their hiding place, a squad of Avengers is brutally murdered, including a Boy Soldier whose guts leak out of his body when he is cut in half.

The future replacement of the boy soldier turned out to be not much better, since the death of the original Soup foreshadowed the demise of the cowardly hero. In The Boys #33, a Soldier Boy leads the Payback team into battle against The Boys, hoping to prove that the squad is worthy of becoming the best super team. However, the Butcher mercilessly kills Supe before torturing the Boy Soldier, as, like the hero whose mantle he has assumed, Supe inadvertently leads his team to their violent deaths. He is later tortured and killed by a Butcher.

Both the original Boy Soldier and his outdated replacement eventually died horrible deaths, as both led their super teams to brutal murder in missions where they tried to prove themselves. The death of the old Boy Soldier foreshadowed the demise of the future version, as both had bloody ends with their teams and failed to show that they deserved more attention in the Boys’ universe.