The Orcs must die! 3: How to unlock special upgrades


Orcs have been classic fantasy villains ever since Tolkien first wrote about Middle-earth. Whether it’s the setting of a vaguely European medieval kingdom or a post-apocalyptic city in an alien world, orcs always appear, but they are thrown back by a wave of arrows, spells, explosives and sometimes laser fire.

The game in the genre of Tower Defense Orcs Must Die! 3 makes killing orcs its main business, setting the player the task of stopping wave after wave of these monsters from reaching the Rift. To complete this mission, players will need all possible help, so many turn to special improvements that can make their defense even more powerful. However, getting these updates can be confusing. Here’s everything a player needs to unlock special upgrades in Orcs Must Die! 3.

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What are special updates applied to?

A common mistake with regard to special improvements is not understanding to which subjects these improvements apply and to which they do not. Since trying to unlock non—existent upgrades is a waste of time, it’s important to know that only trinkets have special upgrades, so looking for special upgrades to make the best towers even better is a waste of time. Trinkets are items that allow the player to spend mana on various effects. These include casting spells, as well as strengthening the character or the Rift itself.

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In all good games in the genre of Tower Defense, there are many buildings, traps and other ways to make the game interesting, and Orcs Must Die! 3 is no exception. Here are seven trinkets and their special improvements:

An empty rift reduces the score of the first enemy to enter the rift to zero, effectively acting as a shield against the first enemy to break through it. The Freedom Keychain gives cooperative players a 25% speed boost for 5 seconds when they are released from stun, allowing them to return to battle faster. The healing trinket increases the maximum health of the character, allowing him to withstand more blows in battle before he falls. The Jar Of Ghosts increases the duration of passive fear by 1 second. The Mana Rage keychain reduces the cost of the first spell cast after using this accessory to 0, allowing the player to use more spells in general. The Ring of Storms increases the duration of Fault Storms by 5 seconds, which is a significant gain that can cause serious damage to approaching orcs. The trap reset keychain shortens the cooldown of this accessory, allowing the player to reset all their traps 10 seconds earlier.

How to unlock special updates

Special upgrades are unlocked with the help of skulls, a currency that players receive for good results on levels. The number of skulls a player gets after completing a level depends on the number of break points and the time remaining after completion. In short, the fewer orcs break through the player’s defense and the faster the player completes his task and passes the level, the more skulls he will get. Having the right weapons can make a big difference here.

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Every player should know that skulls are spent on improving traps, but they are also spent on buying special upgrades for trinkets. Players interested in farming skulls as quickly as possible to unlock special upgrades are best off farming in the early levels of the game, as they are much easier than later levels, and are even equipped with pre-installed traps that further simplify the player’s life. .

Players receive from 1 to 5 skulls upon completion of a level, with 5 skulls being the highest score. Bonus skulls are given out if certain conditions are met at the level. A good and fast game is the two keys to getting skulls and thereby unlocking special improvements. The better the player, the faster he will get his prize.

The Orcs must die! 3 is already available for PC.


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