The opening scene of Jurassic World Dominion Secretly Acknowledged a Huge Flaw


While Jurassic World Dominion had its problems, the first scene of the film at least acknowledged one of the biggest problems with a secret subtle joke. Jurassic World Dominion scored big box office receipts, but the sequel did not impress critics. This was not a big shock, since the last film of the Jurassic World trilogy faced an uphill battle from the very beginning.

Between the struggle to find screen time for both the old characters of Jurassic Park and the returning actors of Jurassic World, the difficult work of finding a new perspective for the franchise and overcoming the negative reaction of Chris Pratt, Jurassic World 3 had to solve many problems simultaneously. . The sequel was not helped by the ending of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a wild twist in which dinosaurs descended on human civilization. However, despite all its flaws, Jurassic World Dominion acknowledged that the franchise found itself in a difficult position during the first scene of the film.

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In a fake-documentary prologue created by NowThis, Jurassic World Dominion explained that the world was overrun by dinosaurs, and now people are restlessly coexisting with prehistoric beasts. During the episode, an infographic that is briefly visible on the screen shows that the reopening of Jurassic Park was the least favorite option for the public when it came to dealing with the threat of dinosaurs being unleashed by humanity. The return of Jurassic World 3 to the roots of Jurassic Park was necessary both for the continuation of the legacy and for a cunning proposal, which made this moment a clever way of tacitly acknowledging that it is impossible to simply return Jurassic World and the original conceit of Jurassic Park in the final film of the trilogy. .

This problem really led to Jurassic World Dominion becoming a bizarre mix of spy adventure, siege thriller and (very mild, family-friendly) horror, with the film significantly reducing the number of dead and increasing the number of car chases and combat scenes. In particular, the long scene in Malta could have been deleted from the adventures of James Bond, if not for the dinosaurs. The ending was an analgesic repeat of Jurassic Park, in which no one died except the Jurassic World Dominion villain in a Dennis Nedry-inspired murder. As can be seen from the synopsis above, “The Reign of Jurassic World” was not clear what tone the film should have: one third of its story is related to the abduction of Macy, one third is related to Alan and Ellie’s corporate tricks in BioSyn, and the finale in the third, the actors escaped from the company headquarters, dodging dinosaurs.

Despite the fact that this created a mishmash in terms of genre, the prologue before the credits of Jurassic World Dominion proved that this uneven tone was inevitable due to the unenviable position of the film. If the sequel was just creating a new version of “Jurassic Park/World,” it would be a repeat of those two films, whereas if it followed poachers and conservationists fighting over dinosaurs, “Jurassic World Dominion” would rely too much on recreating an earlier sequel, “The Jurassic World Dominion.” The Lost World and the plot of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. As the infographic showed, Jurassic World Dominion could not repeat any of the stories of the earlier sequel, which led to a confusing plot of the final part of the trilogy.