The only reason the crime drama isn’t Christmas episode


The AMC network, delighted crime fans for 5 seasons with one of the most successful and beloved dramas of all time in television history, Breaking Bad.

In Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was tasked with bringing to life the frustrated high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who later became the most bloodthirsty criminal, whose purpose was to accumulate enough money to accommodate his family after he died of cause. cancer.

During Breaking Bad’s medium run on television, fans were surely waiting for an emotional Christmas episode in which Walter White’s bloodthirsty criminal could be seen celebrating alongside Jesse Pinkman.

Breaking Bad fans are aware that Walter and Jesse never wore ugly sweaters and Santa hats to celebrate a party. Although they could have, there was a reason why this scene was not executed.

In this regard, the creator of the crime drama Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan revealed the real reason why the writers of the AMC series omitted these types of festive scenes to celebrate Christmas in the series.

Turns out the main reason the writers of Breaking Bad skipped a Christmas or holiday episode was because they didn’t need it. Well, having done so would have caused additional distraction in the crime drama narrative and caused confusion in the series’ timeline.


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