The One And Only: Red Velvet’s Joy’s wedding is overshadowed by tragedy


The K-Drama The One and Only goes far beyond the story of the friendship of three dying women who are in a hospice for palliative care. Since it premiered on December 20 on the South Korean network jTBC, it has caused great interest among K-Drama lovers because it features the participation of actresses Ahn Eun Jin, Joy from the K-Pop group Red Velvet and Kang Ye Won. , accompanied by actor Kim Kyung Nam in the main cast.

The One and Only, written by Moon Jung Min, was directed by Oh Hyun Jong, who has worked on several popular K-Dramas such as Find Me in Your Memory and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, among others. With a total of 16 episodes, it airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11:00 p.m. KST (Korea Time) showing three very different women who decide to do an act of justice before they die.

The story introduced us to Pyo In Sook (Ahn Eun Jin), a woman who was abandoned by her parents as a child, raised by her grandmother and worked in a public bathhouse when one day she is diagnosed with a terminal illness and decides to move. to a rest home for people with a short time to live. She had everything under control until an unforeseen event causes her to cross paths with Min Woo Cheon, a hit man who works at a shadowy private detective agency.

Singer and actress Joy from the group Red Velvet plays an influencer named Sung Mi Do, who is obsessed with what other people think of her and records her life while she is in the hospice receiving treatment. While Kang Ye Won plays Kang Se Yeon, turned into a housewife who sacrifices herself for her family’s sake, she was forced to marry by her mother’s wishes. However, her life changed after receiving a diagnosis from a doctor.

Now that The One and Only has reached the middle of its narrative, new stills show Sung Mi Do (Red Velvet’s Joy) in a wedding dress in what is apparently one of the best moments of her life after her breast cancer diagnosis. terminally ill lung. Beneath the character’s flamboyant exterior lurks a deep loneliness that begins to dissipate over the course of a fairy tale as he gets involved with LE Group’s handsome director Goo Ji Pyo (Han Kyu Won).

When the girl thought that her relationship with the handsome Chaebol would fizzle out after their sweet night together, she in a blink of an eye became her girlfriend and they even agreed to get married. The stills from her marriage ceremony though show her beaming in a beautiful white dress in front of the altar, the scene darkens with Mi Do coughing up blood, hinting that her illness is getting worse.