The Omen gave David Warner one of the greatest deaths in the horror genre


In “Omen,” David Warner’s character survived one of the most memorable deaths in horror cinema. David Warner died at the age of 80 in July 2022, and the veteran British character actor left behind an incredible amount of work. Warner began his career in the 60s, and over the past decades has starred in almost every movie and TV show imaginable. From historical dramas to science fiction, from horror to melodrama, Warner’s versatility as a performer had no limit.

David Warner had over 200 credits to his name, with some of his famous roles such as Evil from Time Bandits, Spicer Lovejoy in Titanic, Jack the Ripper in Time After Time, and Dillinger in 1982’s Tron. Warner also played three different characters in Star Trek. Although he was often portrayed as antagonists, Warner also had a lot of good guys. Perhaps his most famous is photographer Keith Jennings in the film “Omen”. In this classic 1976 film, Gregory Peck plays an ambassador who comes to the conclusion that his child Damien may be the real Antichrist.

Omen was directed by Richard Donner, and the combination of religious horror and bloody death scenes in the film made it an unexpected success. Jennings from Warner comes to the aid of Robert Thorne from Peck, and the middle part finds two men trying to find out about Damien’s background. When Thorne finds out that he may have to kill Damien himself with seven special daggers, he (understandably) rebels. Jennings then vows to do the job himself, which led to one of the most memorable deaths in the original film Omen – or in general in a horror movie.

Omen gave David Warner a Legendary Demise

When David Warner’s character bends down to get the daggers, he doesn’t see the fleeing truck slowly approaching him. Jennings notices-too late-how a sheet of glass slides off the back of the truck towards him and is decapitated by the glass in dramatic slow motion. His head bounces off the top of the glass when his body crashes into the window, while the frame is simultaneously shocking, hilarious and incredibly impressive with its staging.

“Omen” — in many ways similar to the films “Destination” — is a franchise famous for its inventive demise. Only in the first film there are several, but the departure of Jennings David Warner should be the most impressive. At this stage of the story, Jennings actually became one of the main characters of Richard Donner’s film, so the cruelty and suddenness of his death made him even more impressive. Warner himself later admitted that he was not a fan of horror, but he liked to play in this genre, and in addition to “Omen” he appeared in films such as “Company of Wolves” and “In the Jaws of Madness” by John Carpenter. Warner was a performer who always exalted any project he appeared in, and he will be sorely missed.


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