The Olympic champion of the USA told about her terrible attack

Former Olympic volleyball star Kim Glass was recently the victim of an attack when a man attacked her with an 11-inch metal bolt. Now she demands justice-and not just for her.
On Instagram on Wednesday, Glass called on the man to get the full 11-year sentence he faces for assault. She pointed out that the attacker had violated parole in the past.
“Guys, the thing is, before me, he attacked a lot of people, violated probation and parole by doing the same thing,” Glass said.
But Glass really wanted to talk about the fact that she was not the first victim of the attacker. She pointed out that there were other victims of the man’s attack, and that people really only find out about her attack because she is a famous Olympic champion. Glass said that everything has to change.
“You guys only hear about me because I’m an Olympian. And you guys haven’t heard anything about other victims of other attacks that have occurred repeatedly in this city, so they need to be justified, and we can not throw the ball at it. We can’t. Everything has to change.”
Kim Glass gained national fame during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. She helped the United States win the silver medal in team volleyball after winning bronze at the World Championships a year earlier.
Glass competed in volleyball competitions around the world before devoting herself entirely to modeling and fitness.
We hope that Glass will achieve the justice he seeks.