The oldest technology companies in the world


When we talk about technology, probably the first companies that come to mind are Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft and Netflix, among others of great popularity today. But despite being symbols of the area, these brands are far from being among the oldest in the sector and are still out there.

Founded in 1865 in Finland, Nokia is the oldest technology company in the world, having completed 155 years of existence in 2020. The multinational, which has already focused on different branches, was marked in the mobile telephony segment.

It was one of the companies that most contributed to the development of GSM and LTE networks, in addition to being the largest manufacturer of cell phones in the world for a long time. After the sale of the telephony division to Microsoft, it returned to invest in the area again, in partnership with HMD Global.

There are also other technology companies over 100 years old, such as Ericsson, acquired by Sony, Nintendo, which started as a playing card factory in Japan, and GE. The select group also includes AT&T and IBM.


What about the most appealing brands today, how are they compared to the centenarians? Salesforce digital strategist and columnist for ZDNET website Vala Afshar released on his official Twitter profile this Monday (16th) a ranking of the world’s oldest technology companies, which includes even the most recent companies.

Check out:

Nokia: 155 years
Ericsson: 144 years
Nintendo: 131 years
GE: 128 years
AT&T: 119 years
IBM: 105 years
Motorola: 92 years
Samsung: 82 years
HP: 81 years
Sony: 74 years
Comcast: 57 years
Intel: 52 years
Microsoft: 45 years
Apple: 44 years
Verizon: 37 years old
Dell: 36 years
Cisco: 36 years
Amazon: 24 years
Netflix: 23 years
Google: 22 years old
Alibaba: 21 years
Salesforce: 21 years
Tesla: 17 years
Facebook: 16 years old
Airbnb: 12 years
Uber: 11 years

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