The Official Smile Trailer Offers a Creepy Look at a Scary Mystery


Paramount Pictures has released the first official trailer for its upcoming horror film “Smile”, which will be released in theaters on September 30. Viewers have witnessed the short-lived teaser of the new film in cinemas as part of the trailer packages that were shown before Joseph Kosinski’s “Best Shooter: Maverick” and David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future”, but the new official look reveals even more disturbing horrors enclosed in a mystery that makes the hair stand on end.

Paramount’s “Smile” centers around a psychiatrist whose mind begins to unravel after witnessing a traumatic event involving one of her patients. Inexplicable and terrible phenomena begin to occur, prompting the psychiatrist to believe that something supernatural may be involved in the game. Like a plague, a disturbing evil entity pursues her at every turn, paving a destructive path until paranoia and fear begin to torment her shaken mind.

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In the upcoming horror film, Sosie Bacon will play the role of Rose Cotter, a suffering psychiatrist seeking to put an end to the brutal torture that haunts and mocks her mind. In addition to Bacon, Amazon Prime “Boys” star Jesse T. Asher, Rob Morgan, Kal Penn, Kyle Gallner and Caitlin Stacy will also take part in the new film. The trailer begins with a chilling vocal melody and presents an ominous question that no one expected, on top of frightening images of various people waving nightmarish smiles.

The footage is a relentless dive into the torment engulfing Bacon’s character, whose patient indicated that she sees something that no one else can see. An invisible entity has viciously killed not only a terrified patient, but also nineteen others in a mystery that a psychiatrist must solve before evil destroys her own life. The premise is somewhat reminiscent of “It Follows” by David Robert Mitchell, which also talked about an invisible supernatural presence killing only those who could see it. It will be interesting to see how Smiley goes down a different path from the 2014 horror movie.

The smile comes from newcomer director Parker Finn, who also wrote the script for the upcoming horror film. The film is an adaptation of Finn’s 2020 short film Laura Didn’t Sleep, which Paramount agreed to turn into a feature film after its successful premiere at the SXSW 2020 Film Festival. The short horror film tells the story of a young woman trying to free herself from a recurring nightmare, which prompts her to seek help from a psychiatrist to confront her horror. The film won a special jury prize and will now tell an even bigger story on the big stage.

The September release of the upcoming film will perfectly lead up to the Halloween season, scaring viewers looking for terrible impressions. It can be assumed that Finn’s success in the movie “Laura did not sleep” will be transferred to a completely new film, but adding additional elements to complete the story may deprive the film of its former strength. Finn can improve the story with additional resources and support, but only time will tell if his vision will come true.

“Smile” will be released in theaters on September 30, 2022.