The Office: Fans of The Series Simulate How It Would Be An Episode About Covid-19


One of the main features of The Office is the very striking characters. With styles and clear opinions, employees of Scranton’s Dunder Mifflin Papper Company thrill and make the audience laugh, making the series one of NBC’s biggest hits.

Thinking about the characteristic look of each character in the series, fans made a Twitter thread showing what each employee would say in an episode about the covid-19 pandemic.

Check out some of The Office’s fan creations.

Michael Scott

The eccentric regional manager, played by Steve Carell, would say: “I signed everyone up for the shot because I want everyone to be safe………well, almost everyone. I didn’t get one for Toby because…frankly…he’s horrible.”

Dwight Schrut

The character played by Rainn Wilson believes to be more evolved. If I had an episode of The Office about covid-19, it would say “Will I get the vaccine? False. Vaccines are for the weak. I’ll expose myself and my immune system will prove once and for all that WE are stronger. We are superior. Mose died of the virus, but Mose was weak. Natural selection.”

Jim Halpert

Played by John Krasinski, Jim is responsible… except when it comes to Dwight. He would say something like, “Actually, I’ve been vaccinated for 3 months. The side effects weren’t too bad, but I’ve been convincing Dwight that I’m turning into a zombie. I started moaning and pretending I didn’t notice. Now I just give it a go. I Google brains and I look at them… hungry.”

Oscar Martinez

The methodical and careful character played by Oscar Nunez would take many precautions. Soon, he would say, in an interview via Zoom, “There’s no way I’m going into the office with these people in the middle of a pandemic.”

Kevin Malone

Scared but very foodie, Brian Baumgartner’s character would probably say something like, “I’m not a fan of needles. Unless they’re handing out cupcakes later. Will they give out cupcakes later?”

Stanley Hudson

The lazy character played by Leslie David Baker would easily say something like, “I’m not taking the damn vaccine, if covid is the only way I can get a few paid days off then I’ll wait until I get it.”

Can you imagine what other characters in The Office would say in the middle of a pandemic? Comment!


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