The Office: Celso Portiolli Becomes A Scene Meme That Could Be In The Series


The Office: The presenter Celso Portiolli, from SBT, stayed this Thursday (7th) during a good period as one of the most commented subjects on Twitter. All because of a scene that was, to say the least, weird that he himself starred in and published.

When asked on the social network about why he has not yet gone to work at Rede Globo, the artist replied “they didn’t let him in” along with a video in which he tries to enter the parking lot of the rival network in his car.

“All right? Is this Globo? Boy, I missed the station”, he says, laughing to the security guard at the entrance. This early afternoon, the video was already with over 1.6 million views and over 76,000 likes.

Brazilian Michael Scott?

The completely random recording made Twitter users begin to think that the presenter starred in a real scene from The Office, only from a Brazilian version.

Some users took advantage of the high degree of non-sense of the entire context to make a video montage with the opening of the North American series.

Many people suggested that Portiolli could be the Brazilian Michael Scott himself, as the character is “king” of infamous and embarrassing jokes. Check out the result of the game and the users’ reaction below:


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