The Office: 10 Times Michael Scott Went Overboard


The Office: Michael Scott has become one of the most iconic figures on American television in recent decades. The character did (and still does) make The Office audience feel a lot of feelings related to him, such as pity, happiness, love and hate (to name a few).

However, a consensus among all viewers of the show is that, at times, there is no way to defend Michael Scott from certain behaviors. That’s why we’ve brought you a list to remind you 10 times the famous manager of Dunder Mifflin went overboard.

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10. Your relationship with Jan

Certainly Michael Scott would be a bad friend to ask for love advice, since all his novels have gone through problems related to jealousy, exposure and various bad behaviors of the character. A great example is when he was in love with Jan and was pestering her over the phone all the time.

9. When Michael burned his foot

One of the most iconic episodes of The Office is when Michael burns his foot on the grill and calls the office to pick him up. Certainly, he surpassed some levels of common sense and professionalism, as he needed Dwight to come to his house to drive him to work.

8. When Michael Made Fatophobic Comments

Michael Scott was never embarrassed to express his views on various subjects. And it was in one of these moments that the character made a series of jokes about obese people during a meeting dedicated to fighting obesity. Despite Michael’s characteristic humorous tone, this event deserved a place on that list.

7. Your interactions with Toby Flenderson

All of Michael’s interactions with Dunder Mifflin employees have their problems. However, with Toby Flenderson it gets a little more serious as the manager brings up intimate moments in the character’s life to the rest of his coworkers. Certainly, Michael does this because he feels threatened by Flenderson, as he is the company’s HR representative.

6. When Michael needed to decide on the company’s health plan

In the first season of The Office, Michael was tasked with having to decide what the health care plan will be for the entire office. However, he decides to outsource this task to Dwight for fear of telling his colleagues that he will need to choose something cheaper. The result of this? A great deal of chaos is installed in Dunder Mifflin.

5. Every time he pretended to fire his employees

At various times over the 7 seasons that the character has been present, Michael has pretended to fire his employees. He called them into his office, broke the news, and soon after began a fit of laughter. While the events held a certain level of grace for the audience, it was also sad to watch Pam cry, for example, because she thought she had been fired.

4. When Michael Forced Oscar to Kiss Him

Showing that there are no boundaries to be broken, in the third season of The Office, Michael decided to assess how the office was feeling about Oscar being gay. However, things got completely out of hand and the beloved character forced a kiss between the two.

3. The time he decided to be the center of attention at Phyllis’s wedding

Usually, the wedding provides fond memories for the newlyweds. However, Phyllis certainly witnessed some situations at her ceremony that she doesn’t want to remember, such as when Michel decided to steal attention from himself by giving a long and lousy speech to his bride.

Certainly, it was one of the character’s scenes that generated the most embarrassment in the entire series.

2. When Michael founded his own company

At a certain point in the series, Dunder Mifflin executives decided to hire an employee to oversee the activities carried out at the office. Since we know that Michael can’t stand to feel inferior, he decided to quit his job and start his own company: Michael Scott Paper Company.

The case generated a series of repercussions in the following episodes and in the end he ended up returning to the place he should not have left.

1. When Michael beat his nephew in front of everyone

Although Michael Scott has accumulated many moments when he crossed the line, nothing compares to when he decided to hire his nephew for a new position that came up in the office and beat him in front of every other job by being disrespected by the same. This would certainly not be a suitable scene to see in the workplace.