The Office: 10 Skills That Would Make Creed A Great Boss


The Office is a series full of endearing characters, isn’t it? And one of the most interesting, for sure, is Creed Bratton, played primarily by himself. For nine seasons, audiences followed Dunder Mifflin’s misadventures in every respect, as well as Creed’s antics.

All of this made us wonder: would Creed make a good boss? We’ve listed some of his top qualities to see if Michael Scott’s (Steve Carell) job could be threatened by the mysterious Creed. Check out!

10. Creativity

With his inherent creativity to do well in a variety of situations, Creed could bring countless benefits to the company’s employees, given that he knows how to create false identities, get rid of criminal cases and also get some types of drugs. Apparently, the character is also very good at finding disguises and going unnoticed in many places.

9. Determination

As seen in the series, Creed is very competitive, even in a very scary way. With all his determination and willingness to win, without a doubt, he would be able to engage his subordinates to do anything that would be useful for productivity. Would he also motivate them not to give up?

8. Experience

Creed’s résumé is admirable, as in addition to all the information contained in this document, there are a few rumors running about issues from his past. In addition, the character exudes confidence and experience, showing that he is perhaps one of the smartest figures among all Dunder Mifflin employees.

7. Handles adversity well

The business world is extremely challenging and unpredictable. There are many details that need to be taken into account, even if most people are just following routine protocols. Creed’s talent in the company is undeniable, which shows that he knows very well how to deal with all the adversities that come his way.

This is, of course, a prime quality expected of a good boss. After all, he will be able to help his employees whenever they need his help.

6. It commands respect

Everyone knows that Michael Scott has a difficult genius and often shares opinions about his conduct at the office. Although most of the characters in this series are quite strange and eccentric, just like his boss, Creed went the extra mile, acting frantic and being a little bit terrifying.

In this way, the character would show respect to all his employees, who would not dare to stress him at inappropriate times.

5. Contact network

The Office fans are well aware that Dunder Mifflin could go bankrupt at any time, mainly because of its core business. However, Creed has a good network of contacts around the world and, in addition, he is fluent in several languages, such as Cantonese.

That way, if he were the boss, he could liaise with his friends in China and abroad to save the company.

4. Productivity

Creed’s philosophy of productivity is commendable, given that he always looks for the easiest ways to overcome the problems that come his way. In this way, he manages to solve everything in a practical and agile way, ensuring that precious time in the business world is not wasted. And as we well know: time is money.

3. Innovative ideas

Creed Bratton’s mind is quite different from all other employees. He is capable of everything to be able to stand out, especially when we are talking about a hypothetical competition. The character does everything to find creative solutions at work, is good at overcoming adversity and also has good ideas.

A good boss should be a person like this, who would be willing to engage his team to achieve good results. Many of Creed’s wild ideas may have been misinterpreted, but a lot of it made a lot of sense.

2. Overcome differences with ease

In the office of Dunder Mifflin there are different figures with distinct personalities. Creed could fit that definition, but he always manages to be even crazier than his coworkers. He even doesn’t seem to mind all the differences they have. With that, there is further proof that he would be a good boss who embraces diversity without being fake.

1. Has leadership spirit

And to close the list, we could not fail to mention the character’s leadership spirit.

Throughout the series, he makes several comments about other positions he has held and experiences he has had. In all accounts, it’s noticeable how he could have been a good leader. Is this the boss everyone would like to have?