The Office: 10 Filler Episodes That are Still Good


It was recently announced that fans of The Office have a chance to get a real Office experience this July when The Office Experience takes place in Washington, DC. The Office Experience program first originated in Chicago, and this summer it has spread all along the coast.

Fans who can’t get to Washington to see the scenery of “The Office” come to life can still watch the series on Peacock. And while every devoted fan will say that most episodes of “The Office” are awesome, there are plenty of additional episodes that coincide with the important ones. There’s not much important information or storylines in these fillers, but they offer hilarious moments that fans still enjoy watching.

Mafia (Season 6, episode 6)

“Mafia” is an episode in which Michael has problems when he can’t convince the seller convincingly that he doesn’t need insurance. The salesman was one of the most annoying characters because he was ruthlessly selling to Michael. To help Michael express his opinion, Dwight and Andy join him for support, especially after suggesting that the salesman was part of the mafia.

Meanwhile, Jim and Pam have left for their honeymoon and are concerned that their colleagues keep calling them about mundane matters. There aren’t many exciting storylines in this episode, but it’s fun to watch Michael squirm at the thought of working with the mafia.

Andy’s Game (Season 7, Episode 3)

“Andy’s Play” is a filler episode in which not much happens outside of Andy’s play, but it’s still interesting to watch because of what happens in the theater.

Andy had his own unpleasant quotes and moments, but in season 7 he meant only the best. In this episode, he invited the entire office to watch him perform in a local Sweeney Todd performance. While his goal was to impress his beloved Erin, fans were more interested in the ongoing cat-and-mouse game between Dwight and Angela. After he fell out of love with Angela for a while, Dwight’s feelings began to change in this episode, and he ended up exactly where Angela wanted him.

Cafe Disco (season 5, episode 27)

After the closure of The Michael Scott Paper Company, Michael decided to turn his former office into a room where Dunder Mifflin employees can drink coffee and dance: a disco in a cafe. Michael didn’t make too many smart decisions with The Michael Scott Paper Company, but turning an old office into a break room was a fun idea.

The only problem was that none of his colleagues wanted to participate in the action—until Kelly and Erin left themselves and threw a party. Amid the chaos of the disco in the cafe, Pam and Jim planned to leave work early to escape. However, after seeing all their colleagues dancing together, they realized that they wanted a big wedding instead.

Epiphany (Season 7, episode 7)

Given that “The Office” is focused on a real office, viewers have not seen the characters communicate often outside of work. However, in “Baptism,” the Scranton branch was invited to the christening of Jim and Pam’s baby, Cece.

What made this episode so hilarious was that Michael thought Pam and Jim had chosen him to be Cece’s godfather. Even funnier is that during the epiphany and after-party, everyone complained that there was not enough food. The episode took a crazy turn when Michelle and Andy were inspired by a missionary group on their way to Mexico and decided to join them. But in classic Michael Scott fashion, he backed off at the last second.

Night Out (Season 4, episode 16)

In “Night Out,” Michael and Dwight left Scranton and went to a party in New York with Ryan Howard. In the end, it was one of the most perfect moments between Ryan and Michael because of how well they got along in the atmosphere outside of work.

While Michael and Dwight explore the Big Apple as single men, the Dunder Mifflin team stayed at work to finish registering sales of a new website. Their late night worsened when they realized that security had locked the gate, preventing them from leaving the parking lot. This was followed by a drunken night for Dwight and Michael and an awkward evening for the rest of the office as they tried to escape from the business park.

The Banker (Season 6, episode 14)

“Banker” is a success with some Office fans. While many perceived this episode as a walk down memory lane, others got bored with the storyline.

In this episode, an investment banker showed up at a Scranton branch to check the legitimacy of the company before it was sold to a new company. What followed was that everyone behaved in the best possible way, trying to impress him. The banker sat down with Toby and asked him a series of questions to make sure that the Scranton branch was not a burden. As fans know, the Scranton branch was successful but incredibly problematic, so Toby had no choice but to lie to save the branch.

Sex Ed (Season 7, episode 4)

“Sex Ed” is one of the most unpleasant episodes, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.