The offensive coordinator of the CAB program resigns 3 weeks before the season opens


Just three weeks before the team was supposed to start its first season, Old Dominion changes its coach at the last minute.

According to the Old Dominion football program, offensive coordinator Dave Patnode is retiring. It is unclear why the decision was made just a few weeks before the start of the season.

However, former Penn State assistant and current ODU head coach Ricky Rane will be busy assembling the coaching staff before the start of the season.

“Old Dominion University offensive coordinator Dave Patnode has resigned, head coach Ricky Rane announced today,” reporter Jamie Frankenberry said.

Patenaud is a veteran assistant college football coach. He spent several years at Fordham and Columbia before becoming head coach at New Haven.

After struggling as a head coach, he eventually returned to the assistant role and worked for Jeff Collins at Temple. He went with Collins to the Georgia Institute of Technology, but did not stay after the 2021 season.

Now, just a few months after being hired by Old Dominion, he is leaving.

On September 2, Old Dominion will face Virginia Tech.


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