The October rating of the variety brand reputation has been announced


The Korean Institute of Business Research has published a brand reputation rating this month!

The ratings were determined based on an analysis of consumer participation, interaction, media coverage, community awareness, and viewing indexes of 50 popular entertainment programs using big data collected from September 2 to October 2.

MBC’s “Home Alone” (“I Live Alone”) this month retained its place at the top of the list with a brand reputation index of 6,722,730, which is 27.21% more than in September.

The top-rated phrases in the show’s keyword analysis included “Park Se-ri,” “Kim Ji-hoon,” and “Jung Jong-myung,” and the related top-rated terms included “return,” “transformation,” and “disclosure.” The analysis of the positivity and negativity of the program also revealed 85.61% of positive reactions.

SBS’s “My Little Old Boy” rose to second place in the ranking after their brand’s reputation index increased by 45.36% compared to last month, bringing its total score to 5,266,257 for October.

Meanwhile, SBS’s “Running Man” took third place this month with a brand reputation index of 4,300,048, which is 31.89% more than in September.

Finally, MBC’s “Radio Star” and KBS’s “National Singing Contest” rounded out the top five, taking fourth and fifth places respectively.

Check out the top 20 for this month below!

“Home Alone” (“I live alone”)
“My little old man”
“Running man”
“Radio Star”
“All-Russian Song Contest”
“I solo”
“Call of the Country”
“Knowing brothers” (“Ask us anything”)
“2 days and 1 night season 4”
“Street Fighter”
“Shooting Stars” (“Hit the gate”)
“Europe outside the tent”
“Victory or Nothing” (“The Strongest baseball”)
“Immortal songs”
“Gayo Stage”
“Delicious Guys”
“The King of the Mask singer”
“Tourist Cook”
“Hidden Singer”


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