The Nvidia RTX 4090 Mobile GPU Looks Very Fast, 55% Faster Than The Mobile RTX 3080 Times.


Rumor mill: BenchLeaks on Twitter shared an assessment of Geekbench 5 laptop i9-13900HX, equipped with a mobile version of GeForce RTX 4090. The results of the OpenCL test are impressive: the 4090 surpasses the flagship of the previous generation — RTX. 3080 Ti for mobile devices by a stunning margin. In fact, the 4090 mobile processor is so fast in Geekbench 5 that it was able to match the desktop RTX 3090 in the same test.

According to the Geekbench 5 list, this yet-to-be-released RTX 4090 mobile GPU has almost identical characteristics to the desktop RTX 4080, while both GPUs have the same core configuration: 76 CU, 9728 CUDA cores and the same 16 GB of memory. container. The only difference is the maximum clock speed of the 4090 mobile processor, which reaches a peak frequency of 2040 MHz instead of 2505 MHz, but this should be expected from the 4090 mobile implementation.

No further details about the RTX 4090 mobile specs have been disclosed, but if history repeats itself, all Nvidia is doing here is turning the desktop RTX 4080 into a laptop GPU. This is what Nvidia has been doing for the last few generations of mobile components. It will use the same GPU crystals as in its desktop GPUs, and will reduce power consumption to meet the power and temperature limits of the laptop case.


Regardless of its mobile form factor, GPU performance seems stellar in the Geekbench 5 OpenCL test with a score of 210,290 points.

This puts it on a par with the fastest desktop graphics cards from the RTX 30 series, including the desktop RTX 3090, ahead of it with a small, but still noteworthy margin of 2.4%. The mobile RTX 4090 also seems to be doing well with the desktop RTX 3090 Ti, lagging behind it by 8%.

If you compare apples to apples, the mobile RTX 4090 is also ahead of Nvidia’s 30-series mobile flagship by 55% faster than the graphics processor of the RTX 3080 Ti laptop. While this is still based on an unconfirmed leak, if this GPU is coming out soon, we expect Nvidia to tease it or fully release it at CES in the next few days.

Let’s imagine for a second that this is really a pretty fast mobile GPU… how much will these laptops cost now?


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