The number of healing coronavirus patients worldwide has exceeded 7.5 million


According to the Worldometer data website, where new types of coronavirus data are compiled, the number of coronavirus patients recovering worldwide has exceeded 7.5 million. However, so far, 12 million 926 thousand 251 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus worldwide.

The new type of coronavirus, which appeared in Wuhan, China at the end of last year, spread to the world in a short time and became a pandemic. According to the website ‘Worldometer’ data, which provides real-time statistics for various topics, the virus spread to more than 200 countries and regions has infected 12 million 926 thousand 251 people and the number of people who died due to the virus has reached 570 thousand.

On the other hand, there has been a serious increase in the number of patients who have survived the disease and recovered. According to the latest data shared, the number of survivors worldwide has reached 7 million 529 thousand 774. However, there are currently 4 million 827 thousand 379 active cases in the world, while a total of 8 million 98 thousand 872 cases are closed due to recovery or death.

Top 10 countries in the world where the most coronavirus patients recover:

The top 10 countries in the world where the most patients recover are as follows:

United States (1 million 501 thousand 866)
Brazil (1 million 213 thousand 512)
India (546 thousand 379)
Russia (501 thousand 61)
Chile (281 thousand 114)
Iran (219 thousand 993)
Peru (214 thousand 152)
Italy (194 thousand 928)
Turkey (193 thousand 217)
Germany (184,500)

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