The Number Of Children With Their Own Smartphone Grows in 2021


Smartphone: It was published on Friday (29) the new survey Panorama by Mobile Time and Opinion Box on the use of smartphones by children. The data analyzed show a significant increase in the number of children with their own cell phone, caused by social isolation and distance learning in this period of the covid-19 pandemic.

In families whose parents have smartphones, 49% of children aged 0 to 12 years have their own device. The increase was greater in children aged between 7 and 9 years, where the proportion increased from 52% to 59% within a year, followed by the group aged 10 to 12, which rose from 76% to 79%.

After Facebook, YouTube, Snap and TikTok talk about use by young people

Among parents of children with their own cell phone, studies are cited as one of the reasons in 58% of cases, followed by entertainment (57%) and communication with their children (54%). Among parents who lend their cell phones, the main reason is to entertain while they are doing a task in 57% of cases, with 41% saying they want their children to develop skills with technology (they were allowed to select more than one option).

In cases where parents do not allow children access to a smartphone, where the child does not have their own and does not use the borrowed parent’s, the main reasons are: the damage to the children’s development (66%), the risk of exposure to inappropriate content (36%), health risk (28%) and fear that the child will break it (21%).