The Number of Cases Worldwide Exceeds 20 Million


The number of new types of coronavirus cases, which exceeded the 10 million mark at the end of June worldwide, has exceeded 20 million as of today. A large proportion of the numbers come from the United States with 5 million 216 thousand 283 cases.

In December 2019, the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), which suddenly appeared in Wuhan, China, with cases of pneumonia, of which the cause could not be explained, spread throughout the world in a short time and became a pandemic. The virus cases, which adversely affected our country, finally crossed the 10 million limit at the end of last June.

According to the Worldometer data, which compiles striking information about the coronavirus, the number of people caught with COVID-19 so far has reached 20 million 130 thousand 220 worldwide. While 12 million 971 thousand 453 of these patients defeated the virus and regained their health, 735 thousand 902 people died.

There are more than 6 million active cases worldwide:

13 million 707 thousand 355 of more than 20 million cases were closed due to death or recovery. However, there are still 6 million 422 thousand 865 active coronavirus cases worldwide. It is noted that 6 million 358 thousand 109 (99%) of these cases are light, while 64 thousand 756 (1%) are known to be in critical condition.

The country where coronavirus cases are most common is the USA:

When we look at the status of the virus by country, the USA takes the lead with a total of 5 million 216 thousand 283 cases. The USA is followed by Brazil with 3 million 39 thousand 349 and India with 2 million 257 thousand 572. A total of 240 thousand 804 cases recorded in Turkey at this point, after Italy and Argentina is ranked 18th.

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While 240 thousand 804 COVID-19 tests were positive after the 5 million 263 thousand 816 tests performed in our country, 5.844 of these patients died due to the virus. On the other hand, 223 thousand 759 people defeated the virus and regained their health.


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