The Nothing(1) phone will not enter the US market, and here’s why


Nothing has confirmed that his first smartphone, Phone (1), will not appear on the US market, but it has not ruled out that new phones from the brand will debut in the US in the near future. On the eve of the July presentation, the marketing of the first Nothing smartphone has only intensified. And since tech youtuber Marquez Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, shared a detailed review of the Nothing (1) phone in a video, hopes for the device’s appearance in U.S. stores were high. The phone stands out for its design, using flat metal sides and a transparent back panel with an array of LED strips underneath.

These LEDs can dance to the ringtone and can be rhythmically adjusted for each application or contact for calls. In addition, it also serves as the camera’s fill light when taking photos and videos in less favorable lighting conditions. And at the bottom there is an exclamation mark-shaped LED, which also serves as an indicator of the battery charge level. But put a case on it, and all these bright aesthetic touches will become meaningless. A Snapdragon chip and equally thin faceplates were also confirmed, but there were some doubts about partnering with telecom operators in the US market.

Link: How to Download the Nothing Launcher to Your Android Phone Right Now

Well, it seems that the partnership with telecom operators turned out to be an obstacle to the appearance of Nothing Phone (1) on this side of the Atlantic. The company confirmed that it focuses on domestic markets in Europe, including the UK, where the brand is registered. However, the Nothing smartphone is also being launched in India in partnership with e-commerce giant Flipkart. “As you know, it takes a lot to launch a smartphone: from ensuring the support of the phone with cellular technologies of the country to partnerships with operators and local legislation, and since we are still a young brand, we need to approach this strategically,” the company said in a statement transmitted by PCMag. However, the doors were not completely closed. Nothing adds that in the future the company plans to officially release a smartphone in the USA, and also advised people who are delighted with the phone (1) to inform their telecom operators about the company.

One less option for the starving US market

Of course, Nothing Phone (1) has made a lot of noise as a hypebeist phone that draws a generous dose of inspiration from the iPhone 12 and enlivens it all with LED strips under the transparent back panel. There are already concerns that the first Nothing phone is more ostentatious than meaningful, but that’s not all. From the point of view of the smartphone buyer, this simply means that there is one less option in the United States, where two brands — Apple and Samsung — already dominate in the price category from $ 400 and above. The recently revived Google and its Pixel A strategy offer some variety, but not without a problematic history of software bugs and problems.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and Oppo are producing amazing phones that offer much better value for money than the Apple and Samsung phones sold in the U.S. market. Nothing is the last brand to abandon its debut in the U.S. carrier-focused market in favor of greener pastures available in Asia, Europe and elsewhere, and this is a losing situation for everyone.