The Nintendo Dolphin Emulator Will Appear on Steam This Year


The Nintendo Dolphin emulator will be available on Steam this year, although it’s already available on its website for fans who don’t want to wait.

Dolphin is used to emulate the Nintendo Wii and GameCube consoles on PC, allowing fans to play a number of Nintendo games without having a corresponding console. However, as Dolphin’s website points out, fans still need a copy of the game to play it legally.

Dolphin’s recently launched Steam page confirms this point, stating that fans “must have an original copy of any game you want to use with Dolphin.”

“The Dolphin emulator is your one—way ticket to nostalgia if you want to relive the classics from the big N consoles in the shape of a cube and with motion control,” the Steam page continues. “Go back to the pre-microtransaction era of gaming and experience a diverse library of thousands of titles released for these consoles over more than 15 years.”

While the emulator is designed to make older Nintendo consoles playable, it also touts a number of modern quality features, including 4K resolution, online multiplayer, and controller support.

“Dolphin can surpass the capabilities of the original hardware with improvements such as increased resolution, widescreen hacks, HD texture packs and fixes to increase the frame rate,” the development team said.

“While playing, features like quick save (save states), slow motion, and turbo can make navigating through annoying sections an easy task,” they continued. “You can even play your favorite local multiplayer games online with Dolphin’s built-in multiplayer game.”

Dolphin is already free to download on its website, and it will launch on Steam in the second quarter of 2023. Like the existing Dolphin version, the software will be open source, and it can be downloaded for free on Steam.

As for other gaming news, MultiVersus is closing until 2024, which causes a negative reaction from fans who have paid for premium versions and microtransactions.


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