The NFL World’s Reaction to Greg Olsen’s Words about Tom Brady


Tom Brady will play until he can’t. But is there a real achievement that he is trying to achieve at this moment? Greg Olsen thinks so.

The former NFL tight end interviewed ESPN’s Adam Schefter and immediately began discussing Brady’s future.

Olsen believes Brady can play until he wins 10 Super Bowls. He’s only three now.

“I don’t think Tom’s career is over until he wins 10 Super Bowls,” he said. “Less would be an underestimate.”

Does Brady have what it takes to win three more Super Bowls?

NFL fans are discussing Olsen’s comment on Twitter right now.

“If he gets one this year, I can see him aiming for 10. If not, I think he calls it a career,” the fan said.

“Won three more Super Bowls? And he’s almost 45? Are you fucking kidding me?” one fan wrote.

“So Brady has three more years left,” the fan commented.

“I said it’s either 10 or his perfect season, one or the other!” one fan tweeted.

To be honest, it sounds like a challenge from Olsen. And we all know how Brady reacts to a good challenge.

Will Brady play until he wins 10 Super Bowls?