The NFL World’s Reaction to Antonio Brown and the Packers’ Offer


The Green Bay Packers’ offense has raised a lot of questions after yesterday’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings. But one former NFL star had a bold suggestion that Antonio Brown might be the answer.

In a tweet last night, former Pro Bowl receiver Chad Johnson suggested that Brown could be the cure for the Packers’ problems. Antonio Brown seemed to agree, as he liked Johnson’s tweet.

“My boyfriend @AB84 can solve any Packer problems,” Johnson wrote, adding a cheese emoji symbolizing Packers.

Packers fans didn’t seem to agree with Johnson’s assessment, while fans of Brown and other NFL teams immediately fell in love with the idea.:

Antonio Brown hasn’t played since sparking a heated debate during last year’s game between the Bucks and Jets. He took off his shields in the middle of the game and left the stadium before heading back to his hotel while the game was still going on. The Buccaneers stabbed him a few days later.

However, when he is healthy and fully immersed in the game, he is one of the best receivers the NFL has ever seen.

Brown is a seven-time pro bowler and five-time All-Pro, leading the NFL in receptions, yards and touchdowns throughout his 12-year career.

The problem is that Brown is often unwell and not fully immersed in the game. For a Packers team eyeing the Super Bowl this year, it may be more of a burden than an advantage.

Will Antonio Brown be a good fit for the Packers?


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