The NFL World Reacts to What Richard Sherman Did on Sunday


One of the reasons Russell Wilson reportedly wanted to leave Seattle is because he wanted to cook; he wanted more offensive action and the ball in his hands.

Never one to keep his mouth shut, former teammate Richard Sherman dealt Wilson a slightly veiled blow after Russ was knocked out of the gate in the second week.

The NFL world reacted to Sherman’s tweet on Sunday.

“I’ll never get tired of Richard Sherman shitting on Russ,” the sports cartoonist replied.

“Russ lives so free in Sherman’s head that it’s honestly sad,” said another. “Dude, he can’t live a day without talking about Russ.”

“It’s funny, but also very strange how much the old Seahawks players hate Russ,” another player tweeted.

“Small!” Matthew J. laughed. Lenix.

“It’s kind of weird at this moment…” commented Tramel Raggs.

There’s nothing to hate about Wilson’s brave touchdown in the fourth quarter…


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