The NFL World Reacts to What It Learned about Paige Spiranak’s Favorite Team


Shortly before the start of the 2021 NFL draft, Paige Spiranak suggested that she was rooting for both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Buffalo Bills.

“Who is your team? Both of my parents are from Pittsburgh, so I was born a Steelers fan. But I can’t forget about my love for the Bills,” Spiranak admitted on the day of the NFL draft.

Fast forward a little over a year later, and Spiranak seems to have picked a favorite among these two. “I’m so excited about the upcoming football season! Although I’m not too excited as a Steelers fan,” she said.

Steelers fans were thrilled with her choice.

“#HereWeGo,” one Steelers fan simply said.

“I think you’d look a lot better in a Rams jersey!” said one fan.

Another fan thinks she should be rooting for one of the Steelers’ AFC North rivals. “Yeah, you should wear orange and black like Joey B. WHO’S DAY!” said the fan.

What do you think about choosing Paige?


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