The NFL World Reacts to Monday’s Big Streaming News – The Spun: What’s Trending in the Sports World Today


After a lot of speculation and rumors, the NFL has finally introduced its new streaming service: NFL+.

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter was one of the first to confirm some features of the new NFL streaming service. NFL+ will allow fans to watch preseason games off-market, live local market games and prime-time games, as well as postseason games (though only on phones and tablets). Local and national audio for the games will also be available.

ProFootballTalk noted that NFL+ will replace NFL GamePass. NFL+ will be slightly cheaper year-on-year than GamePass because of its core features.

But NFL fans are mostly rolling their eyes at this new service. Between the lack of originality and the new service still not offering regular season games that aren’t on the market, it still doesn’t give fans what they want.:

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that NFL fans will get all the regular season games in one place for many, many years. The league is currently in talks with various companies about who will receive an NFL Sunday ticket when the current deal with DirecTV expires.

Suffice to say, NFL fans won’t be completely happy until there’s one streaming service offering all the official NFL content.

This day may come somewhere in the distant future, but not today. And not in the next decade or more, in all likelihood.


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