The NFL has quietly adjusted a well-known rule for the 2022 season


The downgrading of the NFL’s helmet rule has been one of the most controversial since it was passed in 2018, and it appears to have been changed for the upcoming season.

According to the league’s official rulebook for 2022, the rule now reads: “Foul if a player lowers his head and makes forced contact with his helmet with an opponent.”

This changes things in several ways. First, the addition of the word “forced”. Secondly, the player no longer needs to “initiate” contact.

It is reported that the word “initiate” was a source of controversy in the league, as it made it harder to impose penalties on players, since they could claim that they lower the helmet in response to a ball player/player performing a grab.

The rule was originally adopted as a player safety measure shortly after the NFL concussion crisis.

The modified rule will get its first trial run with the preseason opening right around the corner.


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