The next Super Mario game should recycle classic items


Nintendo hasn’t added a new game to the Super Mario franchise for some time, except for side games like Mario Strikers: Battle League, but another platformer is imminent. Nintendo owes much of its fame and success to Super Mario platformers, and both single-player and multiplayer adventures remain the top sellers on Nintendo consoles. The only question is what the next game will look like. While a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey seems likely, it’s also not surprising if the next Super Mario game moves away from single-player storytelling to instead focus on delivering a fun new multiplayer experience.

Multiplayer Mario games, such as Super Mario 3D World, have been inventive in recent years, featuring new power-ups, experiments with field design, and the addition of new level themes to the series. However, many of the oldest Super Mario items continue to serve the same purposes as always. Simplicity and tradition serve Nintendo well, but Super Mario Odyssey proved that Mario’s audience is ready for more complex gameplay options, even if they are not all necessary to complete the game. The next Super Mario platformer should add new abilities and techniques to classic Mario items to better attract long-time fans.

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Development of the main Super Mario items

There are many new items in Super Mario 3D World, such as the cat-themed Super Bell and a double cherry that clones the player, as well as classic elements such as Fire Flower and Super Leaf. The new 3D World bonuses made good use of the 3D format and expanded the boundaries, but the Fiery Flowers and Super Leaves did not evolve to match. Instead, these items basically provide the same powers as always. While simplicity makes sense for Mario formula for all ages, it’s a pity that these items don’t get any new skills; they seem a bit simple compared to generic items like the Super Bell.

Besides the fact that some old items are somewhat outdated compared to the Super Mario standard, they deserve to be recycled due to the Super Mario Odyssey changes in Mario platform skills. Fans remember that the game added a significant number of new jumps to Mario’s repertoire, as well as several special techniques that he could perform with the help of Cappie. While many of these techniques were optional, they provided great depth for Mario veterans who wanted to save time or earn style points. The multi-level version of the Super Mario Odyssey platformer should inspire the creation of new layers in the design of Mario items.

Cat Mario, Super Bell and Super Mario Odyssey jumps provide a lot of information about what recycled items might look like in the sequel to Super Mario 3D World or a similar main game. For example, Fire Flower can keep its standard fireball attack, but Nintendo can also give Fire Flower owners a continuous fire breath attack, which they can use by holding down a certain button. An explosive alternative to hitting the ground also seems appropriate for Fiery Colors. Similarly, Nintendo could upgrade the Super Leaf with special planning maneuvers, aerial attacks, and so on.

These are just a few Super Mario items that are worth revisiting in a future game. In addition to these recurring items, Nintendo may bring back a few more niche or little-known items, such as a propeller mushroom, a metal cap, or a frog costume. More complex optional methods can be a great way to make these subjects relevant again after many years of absence. Super Mario games should always remain fairly easy to pick and play as they are designed for everyone, but Super Mario Odyssey has proven that there is room in the franchise for more demanding platforming and skillful input. Cappy may not appear in the next Mario game, but recycled Super Mario items may enhance Mario’s platforming instead of Cappy.


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